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Happily offering Doggie Day Camp, Sleep-over Camp(Boarding), Camp Clip & Dip Day Spa(Grooming), Training and Retail!

Here at Camp American Canine, we're well established and deeply experienced, and we offer dogs just what they need: open spaces with lots of room to roam and play, personalized care and lots and lots of love!
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It's our Camp directive, and it's what we do!

Here at Camp American Canine, we care for your dog like one of our very own, and we always remember that they're one of your very own!​
More than pets, they're family!

Imagine your special Camper enjoying some fun at Day Camp while you're at work or just because it's good for them (and you!), or at our Sleep-over Camp while you're busy or out of town, and you enjoying peace of mind knowing that they're happy, safe and having fun. They'll be well taken care of and you'll feel good knowing that they're getting excericise, social interaction and making lots of furr-ever friends!​​

Our Camp goal: manage the critical caregiver balance of fostering physical activity, social interaction, environmental enrichment and attentive pampering that will keep every dog not only happy, but physically, mentally and emotionally actualized as well.

Why join Camp American Canine?

  • Experience, Passion, Commitment, Team and because... WE CARE!!!
  • Camp American Canine is the ULTRA-CLEAN, turnkey, one-stop solution for your companion, offering a full compliment of services including Doggie Day Camp, Sleep-over Camp(Boarding), Camp Clip & Dip Day Spa(Grooming), Training and Retail!
  • At the Camp, our Canine Campers get lots of personal attention and one-on-one playtime, as well as close supervision from our experienced and skilled Staff Counselors to ensure your dog is having fun and always staying safe.
  • Our Camp Counselors will observe, evaluate and really get to know your dog, so that whether their engines run all day, or if they're looking for a more restful, slower-paced experience, we can cater to each dog's unique individuality(breed, size, age, temperment, personality, activity level, etc.).
  • Seven seperate break-out areas, outdoor and indoor, allow for carefully organized groups that will fit for each pet's specific style of play, and no matter the weather.
  • Fun event-programs during Day Camp activity times hosted by our Counselors, including:
"Interactive / Games and Challenges" (obstacle course trials, hide-and-hunt, chasing games, ball-fetch, ruff-house rope pull, "de-shed" massage line, pool play time, etc.)
"Basic Training" (sit, stay, come, lay down, shake, hi-five, etc.)
  • Our Sleep-over Campers enjoy over-sized private kennels that are primped and clean, clean, clean, and they get to take part in all of our Day Camp activites too!
  • "Spa" time! At Camp Clip & Dip Day Spa your companion can get the pampered treatment they deserve, and need.
  • In our super-clean, fully climate controlled facilty, we provide comprehensive care for your pet from A to Z. You're of course free to bring whatever you'd like, but we can provide everything your dog could need during their time with us: toys, treats, bedding, blankets and food (Blackwood super-premium, all-natural, grain-free foods).
  • ​Keeping a dog busy throughout the day can curb many behavioral problems including chewing, jumping, barking, digging and being overly active(hyper!) in the evenings.
  • Bottom line, at Camp American Canine, we do it all... for the love of Dog!
  • Bordetella (Kennel/Canine cough)
  • DHLP/PV (Distemper)
  • Rabies

We recommend all vaccinations be given a week prior​ to their stay at the Camp (minimum 72 hours).

All new Campers are required to go through an initial Evaluation, which is $30, as part of their enrollment. This is a process we employ to get to know our newest Campers, and for them to get to know us. Once vaccinations are documented and the Evaluation is passed, they'll be good to go!