Doggie Day Camp

Dogs need more than just excercise. They need social interaction and environmental enrichment to stimulate both their minds and their spirits, as well as their bodies. At Camp American Canine our Campers are actively engaged throughout the day. They can "ruff" about with their friends, both the four-legged variety as well their two-legged Staff Counselors. Or, they can choose to just lounge around at leisure, afterall, it's a dog's world, and they're in charge... ;-) Kind of!
  • ​Set on more than an acre, we have multiple large outdoor and indoor play areas so dogs can be highly mobile and free-roaming year round, no matter the weather!
  • ​Specially zoned break-out areas and harmonized grouping dedicated to coordinating "similar" dogs together so that everyone is of comparable size, personality/temperment, age, evergy level, etc. and can enjoy their time, their way.
  • ​Our Campers take part in physical activity and excerise, social group-play interaction with other aligned dogs and also partake in varied enrichment programs throughout the day to keep them learning, thinking and stimulated for complete holistic physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Interactive Games and Challenges events during activity times hosted by our Staff Counselors, including ball-fetch, obstacle course trials, hide-and-hunt, chasing games, ruff-house wrestling, etc.)
  • Basic Training break-outs: sit, stay, come, lay down, shake/hi-five, etc.
  • Seasonal programs like the leaf pile, pumpkin roll, snowball toss, spring dig, pool or a pond, ice hound, etc.

Typical Camp Activity Schedule
7AM - 9AM: Arrivals / Meet and Greet Free-play
Campers will be checked in, their belongings put into private cubbies and then they're off to some free-time to say hello to our observing Staff Counselors and their fellow Campers as well.
9AM - 11AM: Morning Activities
Campers will be engaged in varied selected endeavors including our Interactive Games and Challenges and Basic Training events.
11AM - 12PM: One-on-One Staff Counselor Time
This is the always popular individual time where our Campers get some good old one-on-one interaction for a bit of personal attention, some more Basic Training, people-play and no doubt a back rub/massage, and it's also usually a good moment for a cookie or seasonal treat too.
12PM - 2PM: Siesta (Nap Time)
Campers get to rest in their own private quarters for some much needed quiet time. The lights will be dimmed, the soft music will play and they'll be able to relax and recharge after their busy morning.
2PM - 4PM: Afternoon Activites
At a bit of a slower pace, our campers will enjoy any and all of the program activites we offer. Same fun, but less vigor and more Camper/Staff Counselor time.
4PM - 5PM: Clean-up and Prep / Departures
Our Day Campers will get some individual down time to get calmed and orderly for a proper pick-up.

Check-in / Check-out Times:​
Full-day Day Camp: Check-in anytime after 7AM; Check-out by 5PM (Sat. by 4PM)
Half-day Day Camp, AM session: Check-in anytime after 7AM; Check-out by 12PM
Half-day Day Camp, PM session: Check-in anytime after 12PM; Check out by 5PM (Sat. by 4PM)

*An additonal $20 fee will apply for any Camper picked-up after scheduled check-out time.

*Dogs not picked up by 6:00PM on the day of scheduled pick-up will be boarded for the night and a $50.00 service fee will apply.

        Sleep-over Camp (Boarding)

Sometimes dogs need more than just a place to stay. They need a home away from home, a place they feel not only comfortable and content, but happy, not to mention safe and sound 24 hours a day.
At Sleep-over Camp we offer:
  • All the best of our Day Camp activity options are fully included!
  • Oversized, private "bunks" where dogs can retreat anytime requested during the day for a quick cat nap, and of course at night for their evening slumber.
  • Secure indoor/outdoor kennels within our climate controlled facility furnished with a comfy bed, cozy blankets and toys all complimented by the gentle sounds of soft background music(classical and soft jazz).
  • Their rooms will be cleaned twice daily(or more as needed) with fresh bedding and blankets for each night so all our Campers will have to worry about is how to catch those rabbits they'll be chasing in their dreams.
  • Feeding time is private time at Camp American Canine, a rule that ensures everyone enjoys their own food, in their own company, in the peace and privacy of their own quarters. And just like Mom always said, they get about an hour to digest their food before getting back to anything romptastic.
  • Medication administered by our professional Staff Counselors when needed/required by any of our Camp guests.

Check-in / Check-out Times:
Monday - Saturday: Check-in anytime after 7AM on drop-off day; Check-out by 12PM on pick-up day.
Sunday: All check-ins and check-outs are between 8AM - 10AM

*Late check-out is available- additonal $20 fee applied for any Camper picked-up after scheduled check-out time.
*Dogs not picked up by 6:00PM on the day of scheduled pick-up will be boarded for the night and a $50.00 service fee will apply.

        Camp Clip & Dip Day Spa (Grooming)

Some dogs might need to look good to feel good, and we know that when a dog feels good, they look good. At times, it's just a simple bath that will do it, other times it might be a complete "make-over" that's needed. Whatever the case, the special TLC they'll get here at the Day Spa will ensure that they're not only looking their best, but feeling their best as well.
We provide a full slate of customizable services to be certain that your canine companion is well taken care of, healthy, happy, looking marvelous and overall... well-groomed!
Using our Artesian Natural Bathing System, a quiet, air-injected, high-pressure application process allows for a deeper, more thorough penetration and cleansing of your dog's coat and skin, which is key for maintaining their optimal health. Regular and routine hygenic pampering can also help manage excessive shedding and troublesome skin conditions.

Camp Clip & Dip services:

Full Spa (Grooming):

  • Complete brush-out/detangle, Hot Springs Bath (shampoo and conditioning), warm-dry, cut, clip and/or shave, style, trim-touch as needed, nail clipping and ear cleaning.

Hot Springs Bath only:

  • Complete brush-out/detangle, Bath (shampoo and conditioning), warm-dry, ear cleaning.
A la carte items:

  • Deshedding / Carding / "FURminator"
  • ​Specialty rinses / flea baths / skunk bath / dips
  • Nail clipping and/or dremel
  • Teeth brushing
  • Complete dental cleaning (teeth brushing, oral cleansing spray gel, teeth scraping, breath spritzer)
  • ​Anal gland expression
Camp Clip and Dip is open Monday - Saturday; Drop-off ~8AM, pick-up by ~2PM.


They say the definition of intelligence is "experience and adaptability". Well here at Camp, under the credentialed know-how of our top trainer, we work on both. Teaching and training dogs everything from the basics, to the
advanced, we help them to learn what it takes to be well-mannered and well-heeled. And it's not just for their people,
an intelligent dog, is a happy dog!
  • ​Please inquire for classes, dates and pricing.


Camp Supplies

All the staples, and the goodies, that every Camper should really not be without! We have premium foods, treats, toys and supplies that our canine companions not only love, but they're safe and good for them too!