Rates & Pricing

Doggie Day Camp

  • Full day: $28/day
Check-in anytime after 7AM; Check-out by 5PM
(Multiple dog family discount, 2nd dog: $23/day)

  • Half-day: $23/half day​
AM session - Check-in anytime after 7AM; Check-out by 12PM
PM session - Check in anytime after 12PM; Check out by 5PM
(Multiple dog family discount, 2nd dog: $18/half day)​

*Late Check-out (any time past assigned Check-out time):  $20

Specialty treats (bully sticks, cow hooves, pigs ears, round bones, Frosty Paws frozen treats... you pick-em!), available to spoil your dog during their stay! Price: $/treat

Sleep-over Camp
All Day Camp activities are included!

  • Overnight stays: $40/night
Check-in anytime after 7AM; Check-out by 12PM​
(Multiple dog family discount, shared bunk: $35/night)

*Late Check-out (any time past assigned Check-out time):  $20

Camp food can be provided(Blackwood Specialty Foods): $4/day

 Administration of medications (supplements/pills/chewables):  $3/day
Advanced meds (insulin shots, eye/ear drops, etc.): $5/day 

Specialty treats available(bully sticks, pigs ears, cow hooves, Frosty Paws frozen treat, pick 'em!): $/treat

Camp Clip & Dip Day Spa

  • Full Spa: grooming starting at $45 (will vary depending on size, breed, type of coat and overall condition of Camper).
C​omplete brush-out/detangle, Hot Springs Bath, shampoo and conditioning,  warm dry, cut/clip & style and/or shave, nail clipping, ear cleaning, trim-touch as requested.

  • Hot Springs Bath: starting at $30 (will vary depending on size, breed, type of coat and overall condition of dog).
Complete brush-out/detangle, Hot Springs Bath, shampoo and conditioning, warm dry, ear cleaning.

  • De-shed/Carding: $15

  • Specialty rinses/flea baths/dips: additional $15 added to Full Spa or Bath

  • Nail clipping(including dew claws): $15

  • Nail clip and dremel: $18
  • Teethbrushing: $12

  • Anal gland expression: $15